" Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in Thailand and ASEAN nations "


Rev.Alan Collingwood

VTM office manager and co-ordinates

Alan is an advisor to VTM national leaders and a mentor to several Thai pastors. He is the VTM office manager and co-ordinates the reporting to international donors and sponsors, as well acting as the direct link to our partners in Vision Thaland-Canada.


Jintana Khamsaen

legal treasurer of VT Foundation

Jintana is reponible for the management of the VTM office when Alan is away. She is also the legal treasurer of VT Foundation, so ensures that all accouning records are maintened meticulously ready to be submitted to the auditor at the end of the financial year.


Pawnnapa Katewichit


Pawnapar works for VTM half time as our Thai secretary for all business meetings. She is the Thai co-ordinator between the VTM Thai churches and the VTM office. She colates the 3 monthly reports in Thai before forwarding them to the office for translation and reporting. The remainder of her time she is a pastors wife and busy with church ministry

Chen Charoensawad

Rev.Chen Charoensawad

Leadership Development

Rev Chen is our Leadership Development & Church Planting School overseer. He holds several theological degrees and has been a pastor for many years. He now leads a house church each week, in order to have time to invest in the students attending our LD & CP School.

Phakorn Kasikij

Phakorn Kasikij

Photo & Graphic Designer

Mr Parkorn is our full time VTM Graphics officer. He does the artwork and graphics for all VTM ministry, including photos for reports, website graphics or things like camp brochures etc. He also goes with Alan to visit some churches in VTM in order to help take photographs or video to use in ongoing media presentations.

Jirayu Deemark

Jirayu Deemark

IT - Webmaster

Mr Jirayu is our part time web-site designer and IT man. He is still studying to try and improve his formal education and works part time to help pay his way and ease the financial burden in his family. He is naturally very gifted in IT understanding, though has little formal training. This website you are looking at was built by him.