Southern ( Thailand ) 10%


Southern region is made up of 14 provinces on the Malay Peninsula. It is a very distinct region of Thailand connected with the Central region by the narrow Kra Isthmus, which is the narrowest part of the peninsula. The western part has steeper coasts, while on the east side river plains dominate. It’s a very fertile area known for its fruit and agriculture as well as beautiful beaches and tourism. The people are more reserved than most of the rest of Thailand, and religious clashes between the Muslims and Buddhist have left great wounds. This was the region so devasted by the tsunami of 2005 which received a show of love from the world in its rebuilding efforts. VTM is starting to see some healthy growth among our churches that work in the area.

Yellow pins

House churches with
3 - 14 members.

Green pins

Small churches with
15 - 29 members.

Light Blue pins

Medium Size churches with
30 - 59 members.

Dark Blue pins

Larger churches with
60 or more members.