VTM Ministries

" Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in Thailand and ASEAN nations "

We believe God calls us to live as a light to the nation and people around us. VTM's focus on sharing the gospel is built on the premise that when our lives are living in the light of God's Word, then our lifestyle and God's love in us will draw people to Himself. Living like Jesus means our own lives are maturing in Christ, so we become more loving, caring and compassionate towards others. We encourage every believer to share their faith with others, and then live the reality of that faith by befriending those they interact with. VTM believers are encouraged to show Christ’s love and concern for the lost in tangible ways.

We need printed resources of testimony booklets so the believers can pass on the booklets to those they mix with daily. If you would like to support evangelism, please mark your gift for that purpose.

VTM is intentional about church planting as we firmly believe that a vibrant church in any community is the hope that community needs for transformation. When VTM churches reach about 30 members, they begin a daughter church plant as a house- church cell meeting. While the house church is growing, leaders for the new church plant are identified and begin their training in our leadership development and church planting school. Once a mother church has reached 50 or so members,a building is rented as soon as we are able through the members contributing to the rental, or we have a partner or sponsor. This will become an established and recognised daughter church once it has grown from the house church begun by the mother church. A core group form the mother church to aid the developing church planter in the new church plant.

Opportunities abound for you to “adopt a church plant” by sponsoring the rental costs of a small building for the initial three years. These costs are usually between $150-300 a month. Please contact us for more details if you or your church would be willing to sponsor a church plant.

VTM is fully committed to training and building new leaders who have the heart and core values of VTM driving their ministry. Producing new leaders is essential for new church plants to proceed. Therefore we are set a high priority in operating our "Leadership Development & Church Planting School" in conjunction with new church plants. Potential new leaders are identified as the church comes into being. They are challenged to commit to training for a two-year period. Students study full time for five days a month and do practical ministry as church planters for the remaining three weeks a month in their church plants. During this time, the students are assigned a mentor who meets and prays with the student in their church planting endeavour.

VTM helps find sponsors for the training and living expenses of our leaders in training. The average cost of sponsoring a student in training is about $175 dollars a month. We are seeking partnerships to sponsor student church planters as an in investment into Gods Kingdom in Thailand. Please contact us if you would like to find out more, or make a donation towards the training of new leaders via the website.

Vision Thailand Ministry is intentional in demonstrating Christ’s love in action. We have very limited resources, but on a small scale our local churches find a way to participate in compassionate ministries. Some of our churches operate children’s nurseries, support abandoned or orphaned children, provide education assistance to the poor, care for the aged, minister to the sick and do home visits and hospital care. We assist the needy, visit the rejected in prisons, the lonely in hospitals and assist with disabled ministry or care for widows. We have also been involved in natural disasters like the tsunami in 2005 and other flood or famine relief.

If you would like to give to any of these compassionate ministries, then please contact us for more information, or make you gift payable to VTM Compassionate Ministry. ministries, then please contact us for more information, or make you gift payable to VTM compassionate ministry.