Micro Business

" Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in Thailand and ASEAN nations "

VTM desires our new church plants to be financially independent within three to five years. One of the best ways to do this is to provide funding to start small micro-business ventures run by the local church. In time, the profits raised will help support the small local church. These projects are managed by senior advisors from our governing board who help take the local church take responsibility to manage the project well.

One VTM church whose land was donated to the foundation was resourced to plant fruit trees. These are now producing fruit and helping support the church. One of our churches was assisted with funds to set up a children’s kindergarten, which now provides employment and support to the local church. Another of our churches teaches crochet and dressmaking skills and other vocational training options. The church members can then sell the products they make at the local markets or even over the web. These churches just needed a kick-start fund to start the venture rolling.

Currently VTM member churches have potential to start things like mushroom farming, fish pond development or planting lime trees. Are you able and willing to provide some investment funds to kick-start a small business that will help a church become financially independent? Contact us for more information or donate now.