Church Nurture Support

" Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in Thailand and ASEAN nations "

VTM churches usually begin as a house church. However once they have grown to more than 12 believers, we have found that for the Thaialnd setting, the church earns more respectability and acceptance in the local community if they have a church building. Vision Thailand Ministry helps raise the initial funds to assist with the rent of a facility that can be used as a meeting venue that will seat up to 50 people. Our policy is clear that we try to provide only a percentage of the total ministry costs on a monthly basis in line with pre-approved expense levels set by the senior Thai leaders that are in keeping with the cost of living for that community. Those funds are intended to assist with the church nurture and it’s basic operating expenes on a reducing basis, as per VT policy. The local church also has to prove they are giving generously, and are carrying the responsibility of helping raise funds for the church ministry into it’s local community.

We require all our church planters to use these buildings for more than just church meetings. We encourage them to use the buildings in practical ways as a friendship bridge into the the local community. There are a wide range of activities that some of our churches now do as a bridge into their communities. These ideas include teaching music, teaching vocational skills, crochet groups, aerobic classes, children’s nurseries, offering advice free of charge, prayer healing rooms, operate after school clubs and more.

Maybe you would be interested in volunteering for a few weeks to teach english at one of these local churches? Many of our churches would welcome your participation if that sounds like a missions trip you would like to be involved with. Please contact for details if interested. You can also donate towards the church nurture fund.