Building projects

" Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in Thailand and ASEAN nations "

Owning their own church buildings, even a very simple small building of 80sq meters or so is an impossible dream for most of our churches. However we now have a few church buildings built on agricultural fields that were donated for that purpose. Any such title deeds are transferred into our Vision Thailand Foundation, in order to ensure that the property is always available for church ministry and not subject to potential disputes.

VTM has a wonderful partnership with friends from Edmonton, Canada who come annually to help bless our churches with their building and renovation teams. Some rented VTM church worship facilities have had a facelift with fresh paint or office spaces created by friends like you who have partnered with us by coming to bless the small Thai churches with their practical expression of support.

Vision Thailand Foundation currently has two plots of land that church members in rural areas have donated to our Foundation in order to build a simple church building. One field in the deep south of Thailand in a place called Hua Sai with less than .02 percent evangelical Christian. We own another donated plot in a place North-East of Bangkok called Nakon Nayok.

Would you like to contribute to a church building project? Or enquire about sending a team to help with the construction of a simple church building, or blessing a small church using rented facilities with a brighter place to use for their worship services.