Assist With Evangelism

" Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in Thailand and ASEAN nations "

God's message of grace and forgiveness is free to all who will receive it. Getting that message out has a financial cost. VTM has found that one of the best ways of inviting people to consider a relationship with Christ is to leave them with a testimony booklet full of stories of how God has changed other Thai people's lives. These stories come from active VTM church members. This testimony booklet has about 20 testimonies, with contact details of our churches in the area. The most cost effective way of produing these booklets is to print at least 100,000 booklets at a time. Would you be interested in contributing to the printing costs?

Our churches also do organised outreach activities into their local communities. VTM churches can apply for evangelism funding when we have it to give. The church planter must put the request in writing to the Thai board, with a clear outline of what they hope to do as as bridge into the local community with the gospel message. Once the activites are approved and funding provided, the local church sends our office a report on the fruit of the ministry. We invite you to donate now, to the costs of doing evangelism.