Adopt a Church Planter

" Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in Thailand and ASEAN nations "

Students with the gifts to be able to plant a church go on to become pioneer church planters. Some students may not have the skills or gifts to be primary church planters, but ALL students go on to play a huge part in helping a new church come into being. We invite you to sponsor a church planter by clicking on the sponsor link now.

VTM has a policy of not funding the wages of pastors of churches that have been established for two or more years. We believe that it is the responsibility of the local church as well as the responsibility of the church planter to seek God for his or her provision. We encourage our church planters to spend less than 49% of their available working time to do what they can to raise the funds they need for their daily needs. We encourage them to spend more than 51% of their available working time in church related ministry such as evangelism, discipleship and pastoring the believers. Therefore most of our church planters do something on the side to raise support for themselves in the initial years, as the apostle Paul did by tent making. Once the church is strong enough to support them fully, they spend more of their time in church ministry.

However when a a new pioneer church plant begins, there are no members to "support" their church pastor. VTM therfore seeks sponsors to help with the support of a pioneer church planter for the first two years of ministry. The support we provide them is equivalent to one main meal a day for them and their family. Beyond that we say that they must trust God for the rest of their personal needs.

We have pioneer church planters ready for adoption for a two year period. Would you or your church or maybe a group of friends be willing to adopt a church planter for as little as $100 a month rural, or up to $200 a month urban If so, please write to us for more details and we will link you to a church planter.