Nong Jork Fellowship Church

Ms. Thananan Kaewnim ( Nuch )

Before I believe God, I have a difficult and unhappy life. I broke up with my husband and had to raise my daughter alone. I still have to taking care my sick mother who unable to help herself too. My sewing career doesn't have much income, sometimes there is no work and that make my income is not enough. I am stressed, unhappy and discouraged I felt hopeless in my life.

Thank God I heard the story of God through the leaflets and home visits from members of Nong Chok Fellowship Church. I felt that had no one helped me in the past, so I decided to come to God. Since then, my life has changed. I have a refuge and can rely on god. The Lord helped me despite the hardship coming through, I had hope and peace in my life.

Moreover when my daughter saw my life changing, blessed life by God. My daughter also decided to accept God. Thanks to God. I ask you Brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray for me and my family to be stronger in faith and to see more and more greatness of God every day.