Life Goal Church Tha Jin

Mr. Sittisak

In the past, I liked to collect amulets (idols), I’m not good in relations with other people and don't want to talking to anyone. I don't believe in God, but I've often followed my wife to the church. Each time I’ve listened to the testimony from many brothers and sisters at the church that made me feel good and that encouraged me, but I didn't believe it. Although I still don't believe in God, but I always persuade my friends to come to the church.

My wife likes to pray for me and she led me to the church too. One time I got an accident while working in the factory. I Slipping on the ground that broken my foot bone and must be splinted. The doctor ordered me to stop working for 3 weeks, which made me very worried about my work and family's income.

My wife encouraged me to trust in God and pray for His help. I decided to pray and asked my brothers and sisters in the church to pray for my health, my Career and my family’s finances as well. After that, I went to talk to my supervisor. Thank God for His blessing as follows:

1. My boss allowed me to stop work as the doctor ordered. By which I received money as usual.

2. When I get better and I can returned to work. The boss assigned me a new job, and it is a better job than before.

3. I received payment as usual. And also receive that quarter bonus as well.

Thank God.