Preeyaluk Jinda

Before I believed in Jesus, I became paralysed down one half of my body. My face was contorted and it was very uncomfortable to walk. My older sister who believed in God, persuaded me to try coming to Jesus for healing. I went to church as a non-believer but my sister led me to God in prayer. Then the brothers and sisters in Christ prayed for me. I prayed for a healthy body and to be be able to walk again.

My daughter said if God healed me that she would believe in Jesus too. After only three days of attending church and the prayers of faith, I was healed. My hand with no strength was healed. My twisted mouth was straightened, I have my strength back and am able to walk again.

Now my daughter and I serve God together and love making meals at the church. I am so thankful to God.


December 3, 2017