Life Goal Church Nonthaburi

Ms. Onanong Phuengsilp

In the past, I didn't believe in God and feel dislike about Jesus Christ. I disagree with my mother who believes in God and her dedicated to serving God at the church. However, I followed my mother to the church almost every week. Participated in church activities many times, I’ve listened to many sermons and witnesses that felt encouraged me, but I was so stubborn that I wouldn't accept Jesus.

I have many problems in my life. My mother and brothers sisters in the church also challenged and encouraged me to rely on God.

1. One time I needed to sell my house. and I thought it would be difficult. Therefore, I pray for God to help me to sell the house that the buyers do not want to look inside the house. And there are people who actually buy a house without actually going inside.

2. When I contacted to buy a new house. I knowing that I myself lack qualifications to make this purchase. I prayed to God and ask the brothers and sisters in the church to help me pray for the purchase of a house. Thanks to God In the end, I was able to buy that house.

3. My husband is suffering from diabetes and need to cut off his leg. I ask my brothers and sisters in the church to pray for. After that, my husband has improved and the doctor said that he didn't have to cut his leg anymore.

Even though I had not yet received Jesus Christ. But when the brothers and sisters in the church prayed for me, I received help from God. I have peace, hope and participation to serve God in the church as well. I didn't know when I accepted Jesus Christ. But now I knew for certain in my heart that I was a child of God. I love God, love the church, thank God.