Nuan Seenrak

First came to hear about God, I didn’t really believe in Him. But as I kept on going to church, my faith kept on increasing. The very first time I went to church my legs were very painful. Walking and sitting made me very uncomfortable. Both my arms were painful too. I prayed to God to heal me over and over until I started to get better and I didn’t have the pain like before. My eyes too, I was

almost blind because of cataracts. When I did my sewing or housework I often had tears pouring down my cheeks, and I didn’t know why. I had to keep wiping my eyes or washing my face. And God did completely healed me.

When I first became a believer my child was against me. They didn’t want me to go to the church because said there is no one to take care of the idols. I told them that

I am a Christian now and I believed in God. You must do it on your own.

Now that I believe in God I have a much happier and have much more faith. God helps me in everything that I ask of Him.

God reminds me to hold Him tight, to trust Him in His helping hand and to see His blessing in every area.

Thank you God. Thank you Jesus.


February 14, 2018