Ms.Rungdao Inklub

Ms.Rungdao is a member of the Life Goal Church Taajin.

Before I came to know God I have problems in my home. So I came out alone to live with my husband, unhappy life, we have no money and that made not good atmosphere in our family. Me and my husband fight for a long time. Until some violence gets worse and he hit me. Finally, I decided to run away from my husband to live in my Christian friend's house. And she told me of the love of Christ and invited me to go to church.

One day I went to worship God at the church. When I worship God at the church I Feel the love and warmth from Christian brothers. I have decided to accept God. After that, I prayed for my husband for 2 months.

After 2 months of prayer God made my family better

My husband has changed and follow me to the church.

He opened his heart to God and experience His love and mercy. He decided to accept God. God has changed his life from anger and violence people turns out to be a loved one, he caring for his wife, have faith in God.

We served together in the church. God bless our lives, peace and joyful in our warm family now.

And God bless my husband and my work.

Thanks to God.


June 13, 2018