Ms.Nittaya Noisaard

I can not walk because hemiplegia [paralysis of one side of the body] from I fall down and Blood vessels in the brain has broken. I live in my house alone. In one day there are people came to my house and told me about Jesus Christ.

They tell me the miracle that Jesus healed the lame since his birth to walk.

I started to believe and hope Jesus will heal me.

I Decided to accept Jesus.

Then the servant of God, brothers and sisters in the church came to visit and pray with me many times.

I go to worship God at the church and find myself stronger. Now I can walk as usual. And to worship at church regularly.

I can still take care of my grandchildren which is autistic children.

I Pray for my grandchildren and now he is better than before, easier to take care about him.

Thanks be to God and God bless you all.


December 22, 2018