My name is Kaew.

Thanks God for the miracles God has done to me.

Iwashed and dried my clothes in the sun then I went out to for do some work with my husband. During the operation, the rain fell heavily. My husband and I are worried about many clothes that I have to dried and must be use in the work.

 I asking God to help me for all the clothes don’t get wet from the rain. My husband heard me asking God like that  and laughing at me (he doesn’t believe in Jesus) When the rain stops,

I go home and look at the clothes that has been laid out behind the house, so that all of the cloths are

not wet even just a little bit.

But the area around clothes are wet. The basin or bucket are full filled with rain water.

I call my husband to checked it and he is very shocked that the clothes are not wet at all but wet all around.

Thank God.


July 5, 2018