Mrs. Nati

Iam 45 years old and want to tell you what God has done for me. Before I was a Christian I was an alcoholic and had a terrible gambling addiction. I hardly looked after myself any more.

One day Mrs. Nana my neighbor visited me and told me about Jesus who can help me stop my addictions. I opened my heart and cried for God to help me. He healed me instantly that day. And since then I am no longer an addict and don’t gamble and have been completely healed.

Now I have been baptized and I like to tell other people about Jesus who can help them like He helped me.

My friends and people in the village that know me are completely amazed at how much I have changed and don’t drink anymore.

My husband who still loved me even though I was not a good wife. He has been so amazed at how much I have changed that he has now become a believer as well and just got baptized this month.


October 10, 2017