Life Goal Church Krathum Baen

Mrs. Nat

I am sick with the Lupus disease (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: SLE) . I can not get in the sun because it can cause red rash on the face and body, hair loss throughout and it made me easily tired and I cannot eating enough for my body. I have been treated for a long time and each week will cost about 4,000 baht. My family is in debt because they have to borrow money to cure me. I’m unable to go to school or live normally like other person.

There were Christian brothers and sisters told me the story of God. They encouraged me to rely on God because God has the power to cure the disease. So I accept to believe in God. I go to the church and take time to learn the word of God, pray and worship regularly.

Thanks God! I received help from Him. I got better and better, take less medication, and the cost of my treatment decreased to around 1,000 baht per week. I can help my mother to works and I can go back to school as usual.

Thank God for His mercy for me. God gave me a better life, encouragement and He made me happy.