Shared Love Church

Thank God for Mrs.Kanitha Sudthanon [ Koi ]

Former female inmates in Thonburi Female Correctional Institution Who believes in God through
the Prison mission that the Shared Love church has declared.

Today, Koi is acquitted of prison and the church has followed up.Koi grow in faith and Interested in studying
the Word of God during the week and regularly attend in the sunday worship service at the church.

Koi also invited the Mr.Piyawach Chimsuwan [ Bank ] ,
her boyfriend to the church, Bank usually likes to go to the Buddhism temple.

After Koi invited Him to the church. Bank tries to pray for some personal needs
and God answered his prayer and after that he comes to the church regularly.

Bank decided to welcome Jesus and studying in the new believers class. And he decide to receive Jesus and going to baptized soon
thanks to God


May 17, 2019