Mrs Amphay

Mrs Amphay is from the Living God church in Patalung.

She saysBefore I believed in God, I was totally paralysed on my left side, my arm was badly twisted, if I laughed it came out as tears as I had no control over my body.

My mouth was contorted out of shape and saliva flowed continually.  Believers from the church told me about Jesus who loved me and told me stories of how Jesus healed the crippled. They invited me to pray to God, have faith in him, and invited me to church. The first time I went to church, I was very excited.

As they began to worship God, I felt so happy and started pleading with God to heal me and said that I wanted to believe in Him.

After that first service, I suddenly realised that my mouth was back straight and I was no longer running saliva.

I was so excited, over the next few weeks, my arm and hand began to loosen, the paralysis was less pronounced, and I have kept improving each week.

I thank God so much that I am now His child and thank Him for healing me.
I am always so happy when I go to church to worship God. I never miss a Sunday and love to join in any activities the church is having.”


June 5, 2018