Mr.Tdom Testimonies

Mr.Tdom thanks God for his job because he send applications for many places but no where applied him. Dtom came to church and asked church to pray for him to get some job and finally he got the ice delivery one

Once time he lost his purse while doing his ice delivery job in ChonBuri province and he knew the lost when at home in Chachoengsao province.

Dtom very nervous because it contains all of his money include ID card, and some important documents. His friend driving him back to ChonBuri province for find it every place he has delivery ice that he has no idea about it. Dtom know by himself he must asking God to help him find that purse, but doesn’t find out and feel desperate to find it. Suddenly someone who is a Seven-Eleven staff asked him...

Is this your purse?

someone found it around the toilet door and bring me to find the owner.”

Dtom has checked the purse and found all of everything is still there,

Thanks to God.


June 5, 2018