Mr Canaun

Mr Canaun is a member of the VT church in BaanNaa.

While working on the roof of a building site, he lost his footing and fell 3 floors to the concrete floor.

He knows that God was watching over him because he was a Christian, so was protected from falling directly to the concrete, or he would likely be dead. God prepared an aluminium clothes rack that crumpled as he fell, which broke his fall.

God also protected him from sharp steel rods sticking up from the concrete floor, which were ready to build the internal floors and walls.

He missed the rods by centimetres that would have pieced him fully had he landed on them. He ended up with a broken arm, bruising and torn shoulder muscles. The Dr said he needed surgery to repair the serious damage to his arm socket, but he was worried about the cost and the proposed surgery.

 Canaun asked for time to pray with his church before they went ahead with surgery. 

When he went back, the surgeon was amazed and said he no longer needed surgery as God had answered his prayers, the socket and muscles had healed.


June 5, 2018