Ma Aye Aye Nyone

Before I believed in God I often had fevers and dizziness, sometime every 2-3 days and then I would have to go to see the doctor. One day I came to Bangkok for a housekeeping job and met David (who eventually became my husband).

We gave our phone number to each other. David was a Christian but I was not, some of my friends said that David is not a good man but some told me that he is a good man. But I didn’t believe either opinion so decided to see for myself. I knew that God is good, so therefore, a believer in God must be good too

After we had known each other for some, we got married. After 6 years of marriage, I found that I had not needed to go to the hospital or clinic because of illness at all. I had no headaches or fevers, everything has gone and now I am a believer.

God helps me in everything. Thank you God.


February 13, 2018