Ko Ye Win Tha

Before I believed in Jesus. I was not a good person. I would not obey my parents. If someone hit me I would hit them back.

One day I heard about God but I didn’t believe right away. That was the same day that I started a building construction job. While I was working there. I had an accident. The lift fell down from the top floor. I looked up and thought to myself that I would die for sure. The lift fell until it was almost on top of me then it stopped even though there was nothing to make it stop. After that I began to think that God had truly helped me. Then I prayed,

I want to know you God, If you are true God, I will believe.

Then He came to me and I believed in Him that day. Now I obey God. I have a personal relationship with God.

I want to encourage everyone to wait on God, to pray and talk to Him. God can give you every single thing. Even when we have problems and troubles of all sorts, God can help us in all things. I believed in God and now I want everyone to have an experience with Him.

Thank you God.


February 12, 2018