Mae Ai Fellowship Church

Mr. Jirasak Suk-anothai

When I had just graduated from junior high school level, I was going to continue my high school at Chiang Rai and I’ve paid for some school fee already. But my mother was very worried about me and she asked me to come to study near her home or live in orphanage dormitory that I cannot live as a normal teenager. Which I was not able to live in this dormitory for a long time because of incomprehensibility and unfair rules.

One day I met and learned with a teacher who came to teach in my class. Which the method of teaching and his words when teaching us makes me feel his love and kind for students unlike others. For this reason, it made me want to talk and have so many questions with him. I later knew that this teacher was a Christian his name is Pastor Wisan Panya. He taught me many things that would make me be a good person. During the long holidays I decided by myself to be with him for help and learned from him as long as I can do. I learned and served with him. I want to thank God that I didn't go to Chiang Rai and met Pastor Wisan or not my life would be lost and stuck in sin and God guided me through Pastor Wisan. That made me a valuable person in the eyes of the Lord and change me from the one who made many trouble to my parents. And I used to hate my own tribe. because I've felt embarrassed of my tribe in many ways and I came from this tribe. But after I came to church and know more about God. I Saw the love of Christians, God changed me by see the tribal christian people in the north, causing me to become proud and interested in my own tribal culture.

Thank God is the grace that made me come to know with Pastor Wisan. I see more worth of my life.. Amen ....