Church of God Hua Sai City

Ms. Ekanong Sritarnto

I live with an 80 years old mother and a teenage son. In the village that be almost unbelieve in God. And a source of drug trafficking, Gambling, especially my neighbors. I warned my son not to interfere with these people causing they unpleasant and bullying us. For example, take a Gambling card to sneak into the bedroom when my mother is home alone. Sometimes, they take some container drugs soak in our drinking water jar. Some people parked 3 cars and motorbikes blocked the entrance to our house, some days depending on the same entrance or sometimes with ridicule us. These things have occurred to my family for about 2 months. I pray to God in this suffering every day.

And on Monday, 8th July 62, I had the opportunity to go to visit Pastor Sara at her home. Before I go back home, she invited me to pray together. She prayed together with me for two consecutive days, Monday and Tuesday (She later told me that the Holy Spirit said to her that call me to pray)

Thanks to God that He changed all the bad situation since wednesday night. My Bad neighbors disappeared, but only left a few young people. The car that parked in the entrance way in every morning disappeared. The atmosphere of the night is quiet. I therefore thank God and tell this witness to Pastor Sara. This is a miracle that I do not know what happened to them. But I know that God answered the prayers of His servants.

May the glory to God. Amen.